Lake Rules

Before Arriving

  • Do not come to the lake if showing symptoms of COVID-19.

  • No one without a session ticket will be allowed on the lake.

At the Lake


  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.

  • Do not congregate in groups outside of your household/bubble.

  • You must be able to fit your own equipment, or be with someone that can. Staff are only permitted to assist you verbally.

  • Use hand sanitiser after touching anything whilst at the lake and wash with soap and water when ever possible. 

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn whether around or on the lake. (No naturism) 
  • Respect our Staff and do not put them at unnecessary risk.

  • Do not distract the Life-Guards unless you are alerting them to an emergency.

  • Be alert to the signs of cold-water Shock. The lake can be deceptively cold.

  • Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • No Spectators.

  • No Dogs. 


Paddle Sports

  • You must follow all staff instructions.

  • Everyone must wear a tow-float while swimming.

  • You must be an experienced swimmer and able to swim 25m confidently

  • No persons under 8 years old are permitted to swim. 

  • Under 16's must be accompanied in the water by an adult (unless a club swimmer)

  • Wetsuits are recommended when the water is below 14 degrees.

  • Know your limits. Do not put yourself or our staff at risk by doing too much.

  • You must follow the one-way system.

  • Members of the same household/Bubble swimming as a group must be aware of obstructing other swimmers.

  • You must follow all staff instructions.

  • Everyone must wear a buoyancy aid while on the lake.

  • Maximum of 2 people (weighing no more than 130kg) on paddle boards.

  • No persons under 2 years old are permitted on the lake.
  • Under 8's must must be accompanied on the lake.

Winter Swimming

  • Winter swimming is defined as when the water temperature is below 14C.

  • Although not mandatory, we STRONGLY recommend wearing a wet suit throughout this period, and particularly when the lake temperature is below 14 Celsius.

  • All swimmers MUST have completed a winter swim induction prior to swimming during this period.  Failure to do so will result in refusal of entry to the lake and no refund being offered in respect of missed sessions.

  • Winter inductions conducted through the 2019/2020 winter period are still valid.  Please ensure you check that we still have your details prior to arriving at the lake to avoid disappointment.