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Mallorcan Triathon training.


How many nights:

How Much:

9 May 2025



Minimum Deposit:


Come and join us on an amazing Triathlon training trip to Mallorca. We have an expert triathlon coach on hand to help you focus and improve your technique.

We have chosen the beautiful area of Colònia de Sant Jordi for this trip due to the fantastic coastline on offer with access to a beautiful board walk and excellent restaurants right on the doorstep. We have an expert triathlete coach ready to guide you around the island, showing off the best areas to explore by bike, by foot and by swimsuit. He is ready to analyse your technique, coach you through transitions and help you to improve your timings in every aspect of a triathlon.

You will have the opportunity to explore some of Mallorca's coastline, from the water and along the shoreline as you run, swim, and bike your way around part of the beautiful island. with calm sea waters, Mallorca really is the perfect place to train. Calonia also has one of the best swimming centres around where we can really look at your technique with video analysis.

If you are new to sea swimming, this destination is perfect, with no tide, the gentle waves provide a wonderful introduction to the sea. The warm seas and golden sands just make it all that more inviting. 

What’s more, once you're off the flight, let us take the transfer stress away, your holiday starts here.


May 10th -13th 2024


Colònia de Sant Jordi, Mallorca

What's included?

  • Airport transfers in Mallorca

  • Accommodation

  • Breakfast

  • Expert tuition from a high end and competing coach.

  • Swimming

  • Biking

  • Running

Optional Extras.

  • Massages,

  • Yoga

What is not included?

  • Flights

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Bikes

  • Wetsuits (optional)


For this Triathlete training trip, we ask that you are of reasonable fitness and able to swim 1km, run 5km and bike 40km.

The distance average of the trip is 1km swimming, 5km running and 32km biking.

Who this trip is for? (abilities)

This trip is for triathletes either training to compete or wanting to improve their techniques and therefore their times. We have an expert coach on hand to help you. The average triathlon is 1.3km swim 40km bike, 10km Run and this training long weekend is perfect for that.

Day 1

After flights, and transfers, we will leave you to get settled in the accommodation before meeting up to start the adventure. Starting off gently with getting your bikes set up or hiring one if you didn't bring yours with you, followed by a video analysis pool session, looking at your stroke, your reach, your catch, body positioning and how the stroke is followed through. time to dry off for an early evening 20k bike ride to break into the saddle and see the surrounding area.

Day 2

If you have not experienced running along a boardwalk right on the sea front on a beautiful morning, Today will start off as a treat with a pre breakfast run. After breakfast we will get in the sea and work on different transitions, fine tuning how to enter the water working on your beach start/mass start/staggered and time trial start, in water start, porpoise. Sighting (how to swim in a straight line).  Turning round buoys. Drafting (swimming on someone's hips or on their toes).  Exiting the water. after drying off over lunch. its time to get back on the bikes for another ride (about 35k) taking in the beautiful sights of Mallorca.

Day 3

Today is focusing on the longest ride, really getting a chance to explore the island, and getting those legs pumping on a bike heading out for the longest ride of the trip with a 55k bike ride followed by a short run off. After chilling out over lunch we plan to spend some time exploring the water, getting to enjoy the underwater sights, and seeing the natural habitat of all the beautiful fish and wildlife in the area.

Day 4

The trip is not over yet! for the final day wouldn't it be great to put together all the extra information you have learned? We think so too. The final day a bit of friendly competition is planned. After a timed swim, 20km bike ride and 4k run, we will have a little bit of a prize giving at the end. for those who are not staying on longer, we will have transfers planned to take you back to the airport where you can rest and sleep on the flight home.

Please note

The day plannings are subject to change if we are affected by outside influences such as the weather, group ability and other factors which may make an effect the itinerary and may mean that the days may move around and there may be slight changes to the programme. We will always do our upmost to ensure that you get the best out of your trip and go back feeling accomplished.


May 10th - 13th

How to book:

Email to book. Please state what trip you would like to book and if you would like to pay in instalments or in full. We can send you a medical questionnaire and set you up with your payment option.

You can either pay in full or pay a deposit of £100 and then split the rest into equal payments until your off.

Extend your stay

Mid-week flights are often cheaper, although the trip starts on a Monday (trying to bag you that cheaper flight). We know that it may not always be the best deal. Does it work out cheaper in the long run staying longer? Please note that if you choose to arrive earlier or leave later, you will need to arrange your own transfer. Please do let us know as we may be able to help you.

Do you want to bring a non-training companion with you? You don’t want to come alone however your companion is more for the relaxing beaches then getting in the water or on a bike? Drop us an email to and we can let you know the non-training prices in line with your requirements.

Tips for the best price for your flights

Go incognito. Most browsers have this option. The flight companies store your cookies and if you spend time looking up the same flights, they realise you would like to visit that destination so the price increases.

Travel insurance 

Our team are well qualified, and we always hope that nothing will happen however we agree that it is important that you have adequate travel insurance that covers you for the duration of your trip.  Please do take out suitable travel insurance for yourself and your kit.

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