Frequently asked questions

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by going to our booking pages. A link can be found at the top of every page.

Why can't I book further in advance?

Due to the regular changes to COVID-19 restrictions we are taking things slowly to avoid having to cancel weeks worth of bookings if we have to close.

How can I get to the park?

By Bus: The 54 bus routefrom Lewisham and Elmers End stops on Beckenham Hill outside the main gate or at the park entrance near Braeside (top of Beckenham Hill) . Any buses passing through Downham will get to within a quarter mile of the Old Bromley Road entrance. By Rail: Beckenham Junction, New Beckenham and Lower Sydenham stations are about 15 minutes walk from the park.Beckenham Hill Station is adjacent to the main Southend Lodge entrance and a subsidiary entrance gate north of the railway. Ravensbourne Station is adjacent to the Crab Hill entrance and near the Ravensbourne Avenue riverside entrance. By Car: Parking is inside the park via the main entrance or at the Old Bromley Road entrance. Please use the car park outside the Mansion and not park on the lane or grass. On-street parking is available at Crab Hill (pay and display).

Can I book multiple sessions in one booking?

Unfortunately this is not available at the moment. We hope to have a better booking system in place next year.

What facilities are at the lake?

Unfortunately they are pretty limitted at the moment. Our changing facilities are out of action, but there is ample space beside the lake for you to get changed alfresco style. The closest toilets are at the mansion approx 3-4 minute walk away. Running water is not available at the lake at the moment. We are woking hard to get more in place ready for spring/summer 2021. If you'd like to know more about what is at the park please visit

What else is at the park

Please visit to find out more about what else is available in Beckenham Place Park.

How do I book swimming at Junior prices?

Please book as if you were booking an adult ticket. When you get to the checkout enter the coupon code as directed to apply the Junior ticket discount. JSWIM1 - 1 Junior ticket JSWIM2 - 2 Junior tickets JSWIM3 - 3 Junior tickets JSWIM4 - 4 Junior tickets

Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Yes. You can cancel or rebook your session through the 'My Account' section as long it is not within 24 hours of the session. If you haven't already registered for an account then sign up now. It only takes 2 minutes. You can see more details about this subject by looking at our cancellation policy.

How long is the swimming course at the lake?

A full lap of the lake is approx 450m. When we have other activities running in the lake we have to shorten the course with a rope which reduces a lap to approx 350m.

What should my child wear during an activity club?

We reccomend they dress in light weather appropriate clothing, such as shorts, leggings track suit bottoms. Jeans are not reccomended as these do not have the movement required and get very heavy when wet. In particulary wet or windy weather, waterproof trousers and a rain coat are reccomended to keep the wind and rain off. If the weather is cold, a warm hat and gloves are advised. Please wear footwear on the SUP board. This can be old trainers or wetshoes. In warmer weather waterproof Sunscreen and a sun hat is advised. Shoes also become optional in warmer weather, you gain a better feeling of the board when barefoot. We do not have wetsuits to hire. A bouyancy aid is manditory but provided in the cost of the session.

Do you provide wetsuits?

No. Unfortuently we do not have the storage facilities needed to have wetsuits to hire. If you are new to outdoor swimming and wish to purchase a wetsuit, we reccomend you get a suit that is suited to swimming or triathlons as opposed to a general purpose wetsuit. This will help with the movement you need. For smaller budgets, Decathlon and Two bare feet have a couple available. for the larger budgets wiggle have a great wetsuit selection and buying guides on picking the one that is right for you.

How deep is the lake?

The lake is 3.4meters at its deepest point. you enter via a beached area which gets gradually deeper. it drops off around waist height. you can stand up around the edge of the lake.

My reciept says swimming supervisor or swim coaching what does this mean?

Dont worry, you are not getting a coaching session you have not paid for when you just want a leisurely swim. we have to assign staff to each section of the booking so the 'swimming supervisor' is just that, an assigned member of staff (essentially a lifeguard, but they do multiple roles with us) The swim coaching on the reciept is just a reciept from our company as we do swimming and coaching in various water sports.