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Mallorcan Explore & Swim


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How Much:

7 Oct 2024



Minimum Deposit:


Come and join us on an amazing swim trip to Mallorca. 

Ideal for those wanting to gain confidence and improve sea swimming skills in a beautiful, warm environment. 

We have chosen the beautiful area of Colònia de Sant Jordi for this trip due to the fantastic coastline on offer with access to a beautiful board walk and excellent restaurants right on the doorstep. We have an expert swim coach on hand to not only guide you around the island, showing off the best areas to explore but, to also help you improve your swimming technique.

You will have the opportunity to explore some of Mallorca's coastline and take in the wonderful sight of the local marine wildlife. 

If you are new to sea swimming, this destination is perfect, with no tide, the gentle waves provide a wonderful introduction to the sea. The warm seas and golden sands just make it all that more inviting. 

What’s more, once you're off the flight, let us take the transfer stress away, your holiday starts here. 



October 7th-11th 2024

October 11th -14th 2024

June 3rd-7th 2025


Calonja St Jordi, Mallorca

Please book your flight to arrive in time for a 3pm transfer

What's included.

  • Airport transfers in Mallorca,

  • Accommodation in a 3* hotel on the waterfront,

  • Breakfast

  • Guided Swimming journeys

  • Guided swimming explorations

  • Yoga

What is not included?

  • Flights

  • Lunch

  • Evening meals (establishments chosen)

  • Fins

Optional Extras

  • Kayaking,

  • Bike rides,

  • Massages,


Your accommodation for the week will be at Hotel Romantica. This is situated right on the seafront in the beautiful Colonia Sant Jordi. Chosen for its idyllic location and walking access to all the locations we will be using throughout the week; the Hotel boasts of modern accommodation and ensuite rooms. Your accommodation is based on twin share rooms. If you wish to upgrade to a single supplement room, please let us know and we can inform you of any additional costs involved.


A mix of good sea swims up to 3km (if you want).Make the most of the amazing Mallorca Sea, with a mix of longer swims and snorkelling. Planned two swims a day: one long one and one snorkelling. Improve your swim style with coaching.

Who this trip is for (abilities)

The below table is relevant to those who swim with us at Beckenham Place Park (BPP) we have popped the equivalent swim distances in the brackets.


2 Laps of BPP (min 1km) 


4 Laps of BPP (up to 2km)


6 Laps of BPP (up to 3km)

Looking to train 

10 Laps of BPP (up to 5km)


16 laps of BPP (8km)

We have classed this trip for those with reasonable fitness. Although we plan some distance swims, they are not races. set at a pace that suits all, you will get to enjoy your swim whilst still taking in the sights in and out of the water. We recommend using fins for this trip.

Day 1

Arrive in Mallorca and catch the transfer to Calonja St Jordi. Get comfortable in accommodation and head out for dinner. Your accommodation is so close to the water you may even find that you have time to fit in a swim before dinner.

Day 2

We have a gorgeous spot to start the trip, walking along the boardwalk until we approach Romantica bay you will be getting your first taste of the warm waters and being able to see different varieties of fish, ensuring everyone is happy before heading off around a local island (1km). In the afternoon, we will be getting back in, straight from the beach front, following the clear waters and sandy bottom around the coast for a lovely 1.8-2km swim along Es Trenc. Here you may be lucky enough to see Rays burrowing into the sand, along with schools of local fish. This swim does involve walking along the shoreline back to the beginning, this is a lovely walk along the sand. Once back, we will then have some time to get ready for a beautiful sunset yoga session before heading out for dinner. 

Day 3

This will be the shortest swimming distance day. You will have the opportunity to swim to long island off the shore near where we started the previous afternoon. Exploring the nearby rock formations and small islands you will be able to see where different schools of fish hangout and may even see other sea creatures such as starfish. Bring your underwater camera to catch those memorable pictures (1-1.5km). In the afternoon, not wanting to overload you, there will be the opportunity to hire a kayak, head for a bike ride or head off to explore the water or shops on your own. We will reconvene for another Sunset Yoga session and heading out for dinner. 

Day 4

The longest swim of the trip is today. After a 2.9km walk along the seafront, to the get in, you can see the 3k island-hopping spot we will be swimming to. With opportunities to stop, practice sighting and seeing the underwater wildlife It really is a beautiful swim to complete, and such an amazing achievement. One of our favourite swims. Once it has been completed you will have time to relax at the beach and grab some lunch before we meet again in the afternoon to explore 'Dragon's teeth'. Close to the shoreline, this swim can be as long or short as you would like. fondly named dragon's teeth, this area is ideal for seeing all the different underwater wildlife in their natural habitats. (1km)

Day 5

The last morning of the trip has arrived. Today is a free morning to catch the shops, head for that last dip, and pack up before getting on the airport transfer to head back home. Transport will be arranged to leave at 3pm, giving you plenty of time for the last dip and explore.

Please note

The day plannings are subject to change if we are affected by outside influences such as the weather, group ability and other factors which may make an effect the itinerary and may mean that the days may move around and there may be slight changes to the programme. We will always do our upmost to ensure that you get the best out of your trip and go back feeling fantastic and accomplished.



October 7th-11th 2024 = £899

October 11th -14th 2024 = £899

June 2nd-6th 2025 = £899

How to book:

Email to book. Please state what trip you would like to book and if you would like to pay in instalments or in full. We can send you a medical questionnaire and set you up with your payment option.

You can either pay in full or pay a deposit of £100 and then split the rest into equal payments until your off.

Extend your stay?

Mid-week flights are often cheaper, although the trip starts on a Monday (trying to bag you that cheaper flight). We know that it may not always be the best deal. Does it work out cheaper in the long run staying longer? 

Fancy extending your stay? 

Why not extend your holiday, give yourself more time to explore the beautiful area. We are staying in Hotel Romantica. When you book with the hotel, please write in the comments that you are with PTP coaching and would like to keep the same room throughout the duration of your trip. 

Do you want to bring a non-swimmer with you? 

You don’t want to come alone however your companion is more for the relaxing beaches then getting in the water? Drop us an email to and we can let you know the non-swimming prices in line with your requirements.

Tips for the best price for your flights

Go incognito. Most browsers have this option. The flight companies store your cookies and if you spend time looking up the same flights, they realise you would like to visit that destination so the price increases.

Travel insurance

Our team are well qualified, and we always hope that nothing will happen however we agree that it is important that you have adequate travel insurance that covers you for the duration of your trip.  Please do take out suitable travel insurance. 

Please complete the attached health questionnaire once you have confirmed your space on the trip.

Health Questionnaire
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