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Water Quality Results

We know that you want to know the quality of the water you are swimming in. We are proud of the water quality at the lake and are not afraid to shout about it. 

In the Winter the Water is tested monthly and in the warmer months it is tested more often. On top of this our staff look out for any changes to the waters appearance to ensure that we are on top of keeping it looking great.

April 2023

Please consider the environment and the lake in your choices of lotions and potions to wear. Our favourite Sun screens are ones that say 'reef safe' on them. To get you started on your hunting for reef safe sun lotions we recommend looking at Stream2sea, Green People, Tropic and now also some Nivea ones too.  When looking for Sun lotions we recommend getting one with no Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octinoxate or Octrylene in.

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