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Do You work in a school and are looking for an activity that will fall inline with the PE national curriculum? are you a community group leader wanting your group to experience a Watersport activity?

We at PTP coaching are passionate about the educational benefits of learning outside the classroom. Joining us on one of our exciting sessions will provide an experience which cannot be reproduced indoors. Not only do individual learners discover new skills about themselves but as a leader you often get to witness positive behaviour which is perhaps hidden in more academic circumstances. We are happy to work with you to ensure your group work towards getting your desired outcomes from a session. 


Paddleboarding is such a fantastic activity, not only because it is fun but, in order to be able to be successful, coordination, problem solving and even working together are really key components to every session we teach. 

We have the opportunity to use a mixture of our single boards and our giant boards as this gives the group maximum benefits for success and to be able to work as a group as well as working on individual skills. 

We can also work with groups to develop skills, gain qualifications and include an end achievement of a river trip. 

If you would like to talk to us on how we can help your school/group please get in touch;

Schools and Youth Groups

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