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Groups, Parties & Activity Clubs

Got a group of people that want to try one of our activities?

Got an adventurous kid that wants a unique birthday party?

Got an kid that you want to push to try new and exciting activities?

We've got you covered.


Activity Clubs

Through the holidays we run a popular Activity club for young people between the ages of 7-16. 


This is a fantastic opportunity to have a go on a paddleboard (SUP), learn some techniques and make some new friends, all whilst having fun.


This is led by one of our qualified instructors and lasts for two hours.

We will provide buoyancy aids and any other safety equipment we deem necessary for the activity.

For more info and to book, please click below.

  • Available to 7-16 year-olds

    16 British pounds
  • Available to 7-17 year-olds

    8.50 British pounds

Groups & Parties

From only


for up to 10 people

We at PTP Coaching think parties are great. We also think doing something outside and slightly different with your friends makes your celebration a real treat. Why not join us for a Paddle boarding (SUP) birthday party?

We can cater for a group or birthday party for up to 10 people aged 7+ (doesn't just have to be the younger ones). This would be at the cost of £140 for one hour. Over 18s is £160 for the hour for 10people. This includes the use of all equipment and a qualified instructor to help facilitate the fun. If you have plans for a bigger celebration, please do get in contact at I'm sure we can cater for you. 

Alternatively we offer Giant Sup Parties, this allows for a group of 7 to venture out on one of our giant boards, all persons need to be aged 5 years + so it can be a family friendly party. This would be at the cost of £140 for one hour. Over 18’s it is £160 for the hour for 7 people, we do have more than one giant sup so if it’s racing you have in mind you can book 2 and compete with each other. The prices above includes all equipment and a qualified instructor per board to help facilitate all the fun needed to have an awesome time. If you wish to do a combination party please get in touch on and we will see how we can help facilitate your request. 

We do not provide wetsuits as you spend more time on the board than in the water. We recommend light, weather appropriate clothing and a pair of old shoes or wetsuit shoes.

Please Fill out the booking form attached and drop us an email at 

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