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Touring Award




1 day

About the Course

During this 1 day course you will develop a good understanding for touring whilst on the river or estuary. We will explore you knowledge of the environment that you are paddling in to keep you safe on the water. You will be able to look at the weather and water quality conditions. As well as being able to identify any hazards there could be on your trip such as flow, weirs or navigations.


28th April 2024

9th June 2024 

14th July 2024


Prerequisites (including age)

Minimum Age: 12 years old

What to bring

Refillable drinks bottle, lunch and snacks

Warm clothing

Waterproofs or dry suit

Water shoes or Trainers that can get wet


Spare change of clothes

Additional warm layers (hat, gloves ect)


Lower Castle Field Car Park, The Slade, Tonbridge, UK

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