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Bewl water hire terms & conditions

By booking any hire service offered by PTP Coaching Limited at Bewl Water you are agreeing to be bound by this policy.

You assume full responsibility for the equipment you are provided with for the duration of the hire and the accompanying accessories. You shall bear all risk of damage or loss of the equipment, or any portion thereof, including (but not limited to) damage and theft, and shall pay PTP Coaching Ltd the cost of repair or replacement in the event of (but not limited to) damage, loss, or theft of the equipment.

You are liable for all dirty, damaged, lost, or stolen equipment and any fees associated with the listed equipment, and that all equipment must be returned in good condition as determined by PTP Coaching Ltd. You are responsible for returning the listed equipment at the agreed upon time on the due date of the hire period as shown on the Hire Agreement, and that a late fee will be charged for items that are overdue. Late fees will be charged at the 2 hourly rate for hire of the equipment at the time of hire.

PTP Coaching Ltd is not responsible for the weather and will not consider adverse weather conditions as reason to cancel or refund any booked and/or paid for hire if we consider it safe to take part in the activity. In the event we cancel the hire due to unsafe weather conditions (such as strong wind or lightening) we will contact you to rebook at the next available slot convenient to you.

If you are late in arriving for you scheduled hire (over 15 minutes) without notification, PTP Coaching Ltd reserves the right to cancel your booking and rehire the reserved craft to another party with no refund due to you.


No tuition or training is provided by PTP Coaching Limited.

Hirers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and must be present during the use of the equipment. Under 18 year olds are not to be left to use the equipment without the hirer present and on the water with them.

All local regulations, and all lawful directives from appropriate emergency or law enforcement personnel, must be followed while operating or renting the watercraft. PTP coaching Ltd except no responsibility and will offer no refunds in respect of time lost from the hire period due to interactions with emergency services or law enforcement and the hirer remains liable for any breaches of regulations while in control of the equipment.

Maximum weight limits for the vessel, as advised by our staff, are not to be exceeded.

The equipment is not leave the Bewl Water Reservoir and under no circumstances shall the equipment be transported on a vehicle.

You are responsible for checking the water craft is in good working order, condition, and repair before taking it on the water, and are to highlight any issues to the staff prior to leaving the hire location. 

No watercraft is to be used under the influence of drugs or alcohol. PTP Coaching Ltd reserve the right to refuse hire to anyone they reasonably believe may be as such. Refunds in this circumstance will be solely at the discretion of PTP Coaching Ltd.


Canoeing/kayaking/paddleboarding and all other water sports are activities with inherent risks of injury to persons and property. You are to be aware of these risks and understand them. PTP Coaching Limited requires all hirers to wear a Buoyancy Aid at all times while on the water. There are dangers when paddling on tidal or still water and weather can play a factor in paddling safety and such activities are subject to the unpredictable forces of nature.



PTP Coaching Limited, its agents, contractors, employees, and owners will not be held liable for negligence, loss, expense, or cost, including solicitors fees, arising out of damages or injuries, whether to persons or property, including those not listed on this agreement, occurring as a result of the rental or use of said canoe/kayak/paddleboard and equipment. PTP Coaching is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal items taken with you on your hire. 


Loss or damage of the below items will result in that following replacement charges:


Canoe paddles - £50 each

Kayak paddles - £50 each

Paddleboard paddles - £75 each

Paddleboard fins - £30 each

Buoyancy Aids - £50 each

Craft: (charged at the cost of repair (if possible), or replacement of the craft - which ever is lower)

Canoes - up to £1500 each

Kayaks - up to £600 each

Paddleboards - up to £600 each

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