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FAQ For Bewl Water

Do I need to be a bewl water member to hire?


No. You do not need to be a member. So long as you have a change of clothes and a towel we can provide the canoe/Paddleboard, paddle and PDF.

Do I need to book in advance? 


Short answer is No, the slightly longer answer is; we do take on the day bookings as long as there is availability for them. In the summer months we are predicting to be busier so why not give yourself peace of mind and book a session in advance

When booking it will ask how many participants you wish to book, this is actually the number of craft you wish to book. so 1 participant = 1 canoe/ paddle board or giant board


Can I cancel or reschedule my booking? 


Yes. You can cancel or rebook your session through the 'My Account' section as long it is not within 24 hours of the session. If you haven't already registered for an account then sign up now. It only takes 2 minutes.

Once you have logged onto your account, click on the icon of a person at the top of the page to see your account options.

You can see more details about this subject by looking at our cancellation policy.


Where are you located? 


We are located by the Boat House Bistro, just down the hill from the water sports car park. If you are coming from the waterfront cafe, please either follow the signs or follow the shore, through the pirate playground then about another 100m, you will find us. 


Where can I park? 


You can park in the main car parks or water sports car park. Bewl Water all car parks are pay and display at £7 for the day.


How old do people need to be?


We accept children from 2 years +, however under 14 years they must be accompanied on the water by an adult. Young persons wishing to go alone will need to stay in sight of the launch ramp. Craft with adults present may explore the reservoir at their leisure, we have keen eyes watching over you so no need to worry. 


Can children go alone? 


Once they are 14 they can go alone, but need to remain in sight of the launch ramp, depending on their ability and the weather instructors may give them closer or more defined boundaries. 


Do I need to have paddled before or be of a certain ability?


No, you’re welcome to come down and give it a try even if it is your first time. Our instructors are on had to help and give tips should you required them. 


Is there changing rooms and toilets nearby? 


In the building next door to ours there are toilets and showers as well as small lockers available. Please note the lockers will take a trolly or £1 coin.


What should I wear?


We reccomend you dress in light weather appropriate clothing, such as shorts, leggings track suit bottoms.

In warmer weather waterproof Sunscreen and a sun hat is advised. Shoes also become optional in warmer weather, you gain a better feeling of the board when barefoot. (Shoes must be worn in a canoe still)

In particulary wet or windy weather, waterproof trousers and a rain coat are reccomended to keep the wind and rain off. If the weather is cold, a warm hat and gloves are advised. Please wear footwear on the SUP board. This can be old trainers or wetshoes.

Jeans are not reccomended as these do not have the movement required and get very heavy when wet.

We do not have wetsuits to hire. A bouyancy aid is manditory but provided in the cost of the session.


We don’t currently provide wetsuits however we are looking in to this in future.


What else is there around Bewl Water? 


There is many things to do around Bewl, why not check out their website for updated goings on;

Can I bring my own board? 

The short answer is yes! The long answer is you will need to purchase a permit from the fishing and tackle shop next door to the hire base. You will also need your own insurance to take your own craft out on Bewl Water, this can be PaddleUK (formerly British Canoeing) membership. 

more information can be found on

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