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Stand Up Paddle-board (SUP)

Standing up, on a board, with a paddle.

Sitting somewhere between surfing and canoeing, it's pretty much exactly what the title says it is.

One of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world, SUP is an accessible paddle sport that is ideal for those wanting to try something new.

And what better place to try it than on our calm lake, surrounded by nature, and under the watchful eye of a trained lifeguard. (Just in case...)


What you need to know...

Session Details

We offer 3 different experiences on SUP.

SUP Hire

You hire a board and all the other equipment you need to get started on our lake for an hour. Up to 4 people can share 1 board (Not all riding at the same time though...)

Instructed SUP session

As above, but limited to 1 person per board and we throw in an instructor to take you through the basics.

Private SUP Tuition

As above, but you and up to 3 others get a dedicated instructor that will tailor a session to your needs, whether that is the basic, or something more advanced.

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