PTP Coaching

Water Sports in South East London

PTP Coaching is a family run company with a social enterprise ethos at its heart. 

Founded by Pia and Thomas in 2017 we operate a lake in South East London's largest open green space, Beckenham Place Park.

Water sports are in our DNA, so if you love being on or around the water you have come to the right place.


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Its Nesting season

Just a reminder that some birds can get a little protective of their young and their nests while they are clutching - mallards for example will incubate for around 28 days, please avoid swimming too close to these families, and I'd also suggest not getting too close to the reedy areas on the far side of the lake.

And of course, no matter how cute, please never ever touch the baby birds. if you are worried someone is injured just let us know

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Lake Temperature


Lake temperature on 4th August 2022

Swimming in Nature

Open Water Swimming

One of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Find out how and why you should give up the pool, and try our lake.


Courses & Activities

From the absolute basics to something more advanced, we can arrange a course suited to your needs.

Water Paddles



Canoes, kayaks, Stand-up paddle boards... If it needs a paddle to make it go, you can do it in our lake.


Groups & Parties

Find out what we can do to entertain you and your party while trying something challenging.